Create Truly Passive Income from Real Estate


(every month, without hassling with renters, repairs, loans, or finding deals)

If you’re sick of relying on your full-time job to pay your bills and want more freedom and flexibility, you know you need to start building passive income streams.

You also know you need to diversify among as many streams of passive income as possible.

In fact, you might have heard that the average millionaire has at least seven sources of income.

Here's What

You Might Not Know


Think real estate investing has to feel like a side hustle to earn high returns? Think again.

You can:

  • Earn high, passive returns on other people’s deals.  

    If you know where to look, you can score 15-30% annual returns all without hassling with tenants, toilets, or termites. Let professional investors find and manage apartment buildings, while you invest passively. 

  •  Invest in “country club deals” that 99.9% of Americans have never heard of.

    Last year, less than 0.1% of Americans invested in private equity real estate syndications. And make no mistake — they were the wealthiest 0.1%. 

  •  Invest in real estate syndications with as little as $5,000 or crowdfunding with just $10.

    You don’t need to save up a $50,000 down payment. Which means you can start generating returns within the next month, rather than waiting years to invest.

  •  Create dozens of streams of real estate income in a few years.

    Each deal you invest in generates passive income. So every time you invest, you “give yourself a raise” and earn more money.

The reasons to create passive income streams from real estate are a no-brainer, but the “How” isn’t so obvious.

Invest for passive real estate income?


But where the heck do I start?

If you’re like most new real estate investors, you assume you need to learn how to find good deals, network with lenders, renovate properties, screen tenants, take 3am calls from tenants, and all the other headaches that come with traditional investing. 

I’ve been there, and there’s nothing “passive” about it. It’s a business, a side hustle. 

But not everyone wants to run a business on top of your full-time job. The whole point of financial independence is earning income without working, after all!

Investing in real estate takes so much skill and effort that most people don’t learn the skills they need to do it profitably. 

So they buy a property or two, lose money on them, and give up. 

Lucky for you, that’s not the only way to build passive income from real estate. You can invest with a “tribe” of other passive investors, all working toward the same goal: income from passive real estate investments.

If you know where to find them.

Why New Investors Fail

Most people start real estate investing the hard way.

They flip houses or buy rental properties, because that's all they know.

They don’t realize how hard it is to find good deals on properties. Or how to accurately forecast returns, or how to negotiate with or manage contractors, or how to manage tenants who constantly push your boundaries.



But that raises a whole new set of questions like:

How do I invest with a few thousand dollars instead of the usual $50-100K needed?

How do I find reputable syndicators and deals?

What kinds of passive real estate investments are open to me even if I'm not (yet) a millionaire accredited investor?

Ready for a secret among the wealthy? 

They love real estate… but most don’t buy individual rental properties. Rentals just come with too many headaches.

Instead, the wealthy invest in private equity: real estate syndications and crowdfunding. 

While the barriers to entry are actually lower for syndications than directly buying properties, they’re not trivial. 

They still require $50-100K in most cases. And the words “private equity” and “real estate syndication” are enough to intimidate many investors.

Unless you invest with a tribe, that is. A tribe that pools funds to invest with less cash, and analyze deals together. 

And if you’re interested, we’d love you to join our tribe.


FIRE from Real Estate

Brian and family financial independence

The Fast Track to Passive Income & Financial Independence with a Tribe

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest like one.

Brian & Deni work when and where they like, doing work they love. And when they’re not working, they’re traveling with family and friends.


Because they earn high returns on 100% passive investments. And they designed the lives of their dreams on modest budgets. 

Anyone can do the same. You just need a tribe of people around you to find great investments and pool funds together to meet the high minimums. 

FIRE from Real Estate is part online course, part co-investing club, and part community. And it’s all about tangible results.

What's Included In FIRE from Real Estate

1-Year Membership in Co-Investing Club

Roughly once a month, we propose a syndication deal for joint investing.
We talk through the deal together on a video call, and bring the sponsor on to answer questions.

  • Invest in pooled private equity deals with $5K
  • We propose deals with established, reputable sponsors
  • Beyond multifamily: we try to find diverse deals including self-storage, mobile home parks, RV resorts, and more
  • Continued membership after the first year costs $497/year or $59/month

Reaching a FIRE-y Savings Rate

Ever hear the expression “It takes money to make money”? You do need capital for investing — and that comes from your savings.
But a high savings rate doesn’t have to mean misery. We’ll show you the same budget tricks and hacks that we use ourselves, including:

  • How to score free housing with house hacking strategies
  • How to save money on transportation and food
  • How to automate your savings
  • How to come at budgeting from a different angle for better results

Our Goal for You: Go from a 5-10% savings rate to a 25-75% savings rate.


Start Investing in Real Estate Crowdfunding with $10

Think it takes thousands of dollars to invest in real estate?
It doesn’t.
After an overview of exactly how real estate crowdfunding works, we take you behind the scenes in many of the platforms available to non-accredited investors. Some of them let you start investing with as little as $10, and we invest in many ourselves.
A few examples of crowdfunding case studies we provide include:

  • Groundfloor
  • Fundrise
  • Concreit
  • Arrived Homes
  • LEX Markets
  • Streitwise

Our Goal for You: Create at least two passive income streams from crowdfunding platforms.


Invest in Real Estate Syndications for 15-50% Returns

If there’s an insider secret in real estate investing, it’s private equity syndications.
Most middle-class Americans have never heard of them, but this is how the wealthy invest in real estate.
While these passive investments typically require $50-100K minimum, our Co-Investing Club finds and proposes a deal every month or so. All open to non-accredited investors, and we all pool funds together with $5-10K per person.
We’ll show you:

  • How real estate syndications work
  • How to vet sponsors
  • How to vet syndication deals
  • The tax advantages of real estate syndications
  • A sample Co-Investing Club deal analysis

Our Goal for You: Earn at least the cost of this course on your first real estate syndication deal — then create thousands of dollars in passive income every year moving forward.


How to Buy Rental Properties for Reliable Cash Flow

Want to buy your own rental properties?
It takes more skill and time than passively investing in crowdfunding or syndications. But we’ll give you the skills you need to predictably invest for strong cash flow. Specifically:

  • How to forecast returns and cash flow for rental properties
  • How to choose markets to invest in
  • Financing — where to borrow money reliably
  • How to score great deals on properties
  • How not to lose your shirt on renovations

Our Goal for You: Feel comfortable buying your first rental property with predictable cash flow.


Living the FI Lifestyle (Before Reaching FI)

Here’s another secret: you don’t have to be financially independent to live like you are.
Brian doesn’t consider himself FI, but he still spends months of the year traveling overseas with his wife and daughter each year.
Step behind the scenes and see exactly what it takes to live your dream lifestyle long before reaching financial independence.

  • Win the Game — The FI Life Before FI
  • Scaling your property investments
  • Diversifying passive income streams
  • Basics of asset protection

Our Goal for You: Start living your ideal lifestyle within the next 12-24 months (even though it will take longer to actually reach FI).


Monthly Check-Ins

You’ll have questions as you go. So we’ll make ourselves available to offer feedback and ideas.
After each month’s Co-Investing Club meeting, we stay on the line so you can ask us questions as they come up.

  • Ask us questions in real time, on video calls
  • Calls roughly every month

Accountability Partners & Group

A study by the American Society of Training and Development found that people who used accountability partners were 95% more likely to meet their goals.
Which means that if you’re serious about saving and investing more money in real estate, you need an accountability partner.

  • We’ll help pair you with someone who shares your goals, so you can push each other to reach them faster.
  • No “forced” work or requirements — you’re in control

FIRE from Real Estate is the only program of its kind that…

  • Helps you find and evaluate passive real estate syndications each month, from established syndicators.
  • Lets you pool funds with a tribe to invest with $5-10K per deal, instead of the $50-100K normally needed for syndications or property down payments.
  • Shows you how to diversify passive income streams among real estate crowdfunding platforms, syndications, direct property ownership, and stock index funds.

The FIRE from Real Estate Guarantee

We know that Higher Savings Rates + Passive Real Estate Investments = Wealth & Passive Income Streams.

In other words, there’s a recipe for reaching financial independence quickly. We can’t bake the cake for you, but we can give you a recipe that anyone can follow.

And we do mean anyone. Around once a month, we all get together to analyze group investments. If you like what you see, you can join the group with a few clicks.

But we also know that not everyone is as excited about financial independence from real estate as we are. If after 30 days or the next group investing call you decide FIRE from Real Estate isn’t for you, we’ll refund you. Just email Deni at [email protected].

It’s that simple.

FIRE from Real Estate

3 Payments


3 monthly payments

  • 1 year's membership in Co-Investing Club
  • Lifetime access to FIRE from Real Estate course
  • Ongoing call & email support
  • Accountability group & partners

1 Payment


Save $180

  • 1 year's membership in Co-Investing Club
  • Lifetime access to FIRE from Real Estate course
  • Ongoing call & email support
  • Accountability group & partners

Finance up to 24 months with PayPal Credit


See our 30-Day Guarantee above: full refunds, no questions asked.


Questions Our Top Students Asked Before Enrolling in FIRE from Real Estate

“I had the pleasure to hear Brian and Deni at their weekly Tuesday Facebook live some months ago and I was hooked. I had the opportunity to invest with them recently in a syndication. It has been very smooth.”

– Cristina Colon

“It feels like I’m learning from a friend who knows what they’re talking about.”

– Tim Dooley

“Brian and Deni are completely sincere in their interest to help people. They have always made me feel that they were above board and actually interested in seeing me succeed off their knowledge. In addition, if you have questions or comments, they respond to your emails with a quick turnaround time.”

 Maura Teitelbaum

FIRE from Real Estate Is For You If...

  • You’re just getting started in building passive income from real estate, and you want to get it right. You want to NAIL it the first time, rather than losing money like so many novice investors.
  • You’ve been trying to create passive income but haven’t seen big results. Traditional real estate investing is hard! Most people lose money on their first few deals. We’ll show you how to invest passively, without the newbie mistakes.
  • You don’t have time for a real estate investing side hustle, you just want to invest passively without any headaches. No phone calls, no repairs, no tenant management, no evictions. Just fractional investments that don’t take up your personal time. 
  • You want high returns on real estate without becoming a landlord. Yep, us too, which is why we now invest most of our own money in passive investments.
  • You want to invest like the wealthy — without the minimum $50-100K investment. You love the idea of earning high returns on passive real estate syndications, but you don’t have five digits to invest in each deal. 
  • You want to spread your money among many real estate deals. It’s hard to diversify when you have to tie up $50-100K in each real estate investment. You’d rather spread $5-10K among ten deals than $50-100K in one deal. 
  • You want the freedom & flexibility that comes with many passive income streams. Every dollar of passive income makes you less dependent on your full-time job. Good riddance. 
  •  You want the fast track to financial freedom. You know it requires a high savings rate, and you’re on board. You just need some help getting there, and knowing where to invest for high returns on your savings.

If you said “Yes” to at least five of the above, we can’t wait to work with you in FIRE from Real Estate!